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The central focus of this project is to develop study materials that are innovative, highly detailed, and comprehensive in their coverage of monitoring and crisis management within the study programs of future experts who will be working in the integrated rescue system. The project aims to provide a broad range of additional sources for subject study materials, including practical examples, case studies, and real-world scenarios that allow students to engage with the material more meaningfully. Additionally, the project seeks to provide up-to-date learning content relevant to the current challenges faced by the integrated rescue system and the experts who work within it.

To ensure that the study materials are accessible to students in the digital age, the project aims to provide an adequate format that uses the latest digital technologies and tools. This will include interactive elements, such as quizzes, simulations, and videos, that promote active learning and help students retain the knowledge they acquire. Moreover, the project will provide a theoretical and practical division of the available learning materials to provide students with a more comprehensive and engaging learning experience. The theoretical component will provide a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding of the concepts and principles of monitoring and crisis management, while the practical component will offer hands-on training and experience that allows students to apply their knowledge in real-world situations.

In conclusion, the project seeks to equip future experts with the necessary knowledge and skills to handle crises and emergencies confidently and competently by providing them with innovative, detailed, and comprehensive study materials delivered in an appropriate format for the digital era.

To summarise, the project has the following objectives:

– Offer supplementary sources for subject study materials.

– Provide up-to-date learning content.

– Present study materials in an appropriate format for the digital world.

– Divide available learning materials into theoretical and practical sections.